The project consists of the design & built of the subway "metro C line " in Rome, section Clodio/Mazzini-Monte Compatri/Pantano, with fully automated driverless (without personnel on board of the trains or in the stations) running a length of approximately 25.37 km. (17.6 underground + 7.7 overground) with 30 stations, 30 trains with 6 carriages with capacity of 1,200 passengers/train (6 passengers/m2) and depot "Officina Graniti" for maintenance and administrative management of the whole system.

The construction of the tunnels was carried on by TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine), and related works included full equipped underground stations, ventilation shafts, outfitting line plants with platform barrier as well as supplying the rolling stock with concrete for a total of mc 890.000. The construction method for all stations is "Cut & Cover" carried out with the Top Down method. 

The underground sections of the stations have from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 5 levels. The total area of the underground levels ranges from a minimum of 5,400 m2 to a maximum of 16,200 m2. The depth of excavation from ground level to the deepest slab varies from a minimum of 22 m to a maximum of 30 m and in all cases located beneath the ground water level. All the structures have been build inside reinforced concrete diaphragms below ground water level.

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Italy- Europe                            Roma Metropolitane s.r.l                               2006- Ongoing                                      Transport, railways