Road Edeby

In Januari 2018, LSABJV together with Trafikverket started their work on the temporary work route at Edeby to the planned traffic area, Edeby Traffic. The temporary road is being built to enable our work vehicles to reach the mountain where the interchange and the road down to E4 Stockholm Bypass connect to each other. The main tunnels for the E4 Stockholm Bypass is being built below Lovön and will connect to road 261, Ekerövägen at two circulation sites; one at Edeby for traffic coming from south / and one at the departure of traffic coming from north.

The E4 Stockholm Bypass will make it possible for the people of Ekerö to reach Stockholm´s north and south parts without crossing Brommaplan. This will reduce traffic in Drottingholm. Edeby Road will have a lenght of 310 meters and a width of 6 meters.

In connection with the bus stops at Tillflykten and Edeby, pedestrian and bicycle passages will be built under Ekerövägen. At the stops there are buses that operate both from the E4 Stockholm Bypass and Ekerövägen.

In our work on Ekerö and Lovön, we take the utmost account of the protected nature and cultural areas as we plan and build.

**The temporary route only applies to construction traffic, and the work will not affect accessibility on Ekerövägen.**