Yindajihuang Project

The contract awarded to Cmc includes the excavation of a tunnel with a total length of 13,8 km, located in the central Chinese Province of Qinghai.

A 24.2 km tunnel is being excavated for transferring water from the Da Tong River, which is approximately 120 km north of Xining, 19.6 km of which are being excavated and lined by the use of a TBM. On March 7, 2011 C.M.C. di Ravenna entered as a subcontractor of CRTS to complete the excavation of the remaining 13.776 km of tunnel and to manufacture the remaining 6.6 km of precast segments.

The tunnel will be excavated using a Tunnel Boring Machine.
The Yindajihuang Water Supply Project is located in the Qinghai Province and has the aim of supplying water to the provincial capital, Xining.


China, Qinghai


China Railways Tunnel Stock Co. Ltd - CRTS




 Water and irrigation works, hydraulic tunnels