E4 - The Stockholm Bypass Project 

Lovön Tunnels FSE302 & FSE308

LSAB JV is the main contractor on the larges project of Stockholm bypass. on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration we will build the two main tunnels, two temporary ports, ramp tunnels and two working tunnels which represents the core of this project. 

The main tunnels, more specifically called South Lovön FSE308 and North Lovön FSE302, will be constructed under the island, Lovön. The tunnelling will be excavated with the traditional drill & blast method.
Each of site includes one main double-tube tunnel with 3 lanes plus one emergency lane per tube with approximate an overall length of 7 km. The main tunnels are accessed via two descents (one per site). Site FSE 302 is approximately 850 m long, and the site FSE 308 is approximately 650 m long

During the month of June 2018, the main tunnels for both sites were reached. The tunnelling starts by releasing the rock (a so-called forecasting) and then begins the grouting and blasting of the work tunnels which allows us to effectively go deeper in the mountain. In parallel, other work such as assembly of rock crushers, assembly of temporary ports and construction of the conveyor belts that reaches up to a length of 2 km. The conveyor belts are used for transporting crushed rock piles from the tunnels to our temporary ports, were the rocks get unloaded on ferries to be shipped off to specific ports. 
Two additional ramp tunnels are being built near site Fse308. The project is called Road Edeby and will work as a connection to the main tunnels below Lovön. One tunnel coming from south Lovön / and one at the departure of traffic coming from north Lovön.

The Stockholm Bypass is considered to be one of the most significant infrastructure being built in Sweden and with 21 km of tunnel, in total, it is one of the most imposing constructions in the entire Scandinavia and the Baltic region. The Bypass will stand ready year 2023.